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Mitchell "Brownie" Brown is currently on tour with BAM recording artist Buddy Jewell ( as producer, bass player and harmony singer.
Even thou Mitchell is on tour he is also accepting other live and studio dates that do not conflict with Buddy's tour schedule.  If you're an artist looking for a reliable, caring person for your next tour or recording session, Mitchell would be honored to work for you.
As a touring musician Mitchell typically tries to stay under 100 road dates a year and 50 recording sessions as bass player and/or harmony singer and a select few projects as producer. His time fills up pretty fast so please contact him as early as possible in order to get on his calendar.
As a multi-award nominated producer...including top 5 Grammy nomination, Mitchell takes on a very limited number of recording projects due to time constraints. Every artist he produces he wants to make sure he can give them the time and attention they need and deserve to deliver the best music directed to help the artists and/or record labels achieve their goals.  Mitchell has produced for several major and independent labels as well as signed and unsigned artist too in several genres of music. Check out Mitchell's contact page if you're interested in using his services on your next recording session, tour or gig. 

                            Protools on-line recording:
Mitchell now offers on-line recording services.  Artist's can now send an wav file, with a click track or intro count off, and Mitchell will record his (48Hz, 24 bit) tracks using ProTools and send the track(s) back for you to insert into your recording session. 

Bass player (Fretted, Fretless, Upright, Acoustic),
Harmony Vocals,

Live gigs: World and US tours, showcases, single gigs

Studio recording sessions:
Master sessions to demos

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